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Why does the price of oil change?

Oil is a commodity, similar to gold or wheat, and its price fluctuates with demand. In the winter months, the price of oil is usually higher than other seasons due to increased usage. This price fluctuation occurs industry-wide and changes daily.

The price of oil is also affected by other elements, including weather (which affects refinery and transportation operations), storage levels, and political events (wars, government emergencies, etc.).

Why are your prices lower than competitors?

ClickableOil has an advanced purchasing strategy that enables us to buy its fuel at the lowest possible price. Also, we leverage the efficiencies of e-commerce to cut down on administrative costs, utilize common trucking carriers, and have dramatically reengineered the supply chain. All of which allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Does my one time delivery price change on my next order?

Yes. Each time you order One Time Delivery, your price is the daily ClickableOil price on the day you place an order on our website. The next time you order, your price will again be the ClickableOil price on the day you order.

I have no idea where my oil tank is. How will this affect my ClickableOil order?

While we'd like you to provide us with as much information as possible to make delivery more efficient, not knowing won't affect the quality of your order in any way.
In addition, upon your first delivery, our delivery team will be able to record the information you may not have been able to provide.

Do I have to be home to get my home heating oil delivered?

Oil is delivered through your outdoor tank valve, so you do not need to be home to get your oil delivered.

I'm a homeowner but also a small business owner too. Do you offer commercial accounts?

If you are interested in opening a commercial or government account with ClickableOil, please contact us at or call the Commercial Account office at 1-877-328-9645.


I'm a natural gas customer. How can I switch to home heating oil?

Switching to from gas to home heating oil is a smart move: home heating oil is much safer and more reliable than natural gas. However, it may be difficult to switch. Please contact us at or 1-877-328-9645 for more information.


How do I change from my existing home heating oil carrier?

If you usually order One Time Delivery, or have an Automatic contract with another home heating oil company, you can easily switch to If you signed up for a delivery contract with your existing home heating oil provider, you may not be able to switch to ClickableOil until your contract has expired. When you order from ClickableOil for the first time, simply provide the name of your old heating oil company in the box provided, and we will help you switch by contacting your existing provider.

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