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Saves you money

- All No. 2 home heating is exactly the same. Some people just pay more for it. You shouldn't be one of them.

  • You'll get your home heating oil delivered exactly the same way - by tanker truck through your tank valve. Only by ordering from, you can save 20% or more.

  • The typical household saves about $400 a year, just by ordering through

Simplified Online Ordering is designed to be the absolute easiest way to order oil.

If questions do arise, you can always call us at our call center at 1-877-3BUYOIL (1-877-328-9645). Skilled operators are standing by, ready to assist with your needs.


No Hidden Service Costs

Clickable Oil doesn't hide the cost of service. Many companies inflate the cost of oil to provide you "free" service contracts. The truth is you're probably paying too much for service you don't need.

Other than a routine cleaning, most burner units only require a service call to fix a broken unit once every seven years (industry average). Ask around and you'll find many of your neighbors have never had a shutdown.

Clickable Oil will provide you with qualified services companies in your area and you can make the arrangments.

We believe the best customer is an informed customer.

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