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ClickableOil doesn't hide the cost of service. Many other companies inflate the cost of oil to provide you "free" service contracts. The truth is you're probably paying too much for service you don't need. We want you to pay consistently lower prices for home heating oil. We have separated the costs of oil and service so you know exactly what your paying for.
 Most burner units only require a service call to fix a broken unit once every seven years (industry average). Ask around and you'll find many of your neighbors have never had a shutdown. However, it's always a good idea to have a service contract in case of any kind of heating system emergency. can provide you with recommended service repairmen in your area and you can make any necessary arrangements. You are also free to use any other service providers of your choosing.
 To find recommended service repairmen in your neighborhood please call our support center at 1-877-328-9645 or email us at
 It is expressly understood and agreed that is not and shall not be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from the servicing or non-servicing of the oil burner equipment owned/used by the customer.

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