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ABOUT US i  s the first Internet home heating oil company!
Oil is slippable, dippable, drippable, and shippable. But home heating oil has never been clickable, until put it on the Internet. In fact, is the first home heating oil company built exclusively around the Internet. Through the efficiencies of e-commerce, a sophisticated advanced purchasing strategy, and dramatically reengineering the supply chain, transforms the stodgy home heating oil industry, to create substantial savings for you.

ClickableOil's goal is audacious:
Transform an inefficient industry, noted for overpricing and become the heroes of home heating oil. wants to consistently save you money on heating oil.

"We saw heating oil prices rising out of control for homeowners while other companies reacted with huge markups to support large overheads," said CEO Nick Cirillo. "We decided to start over. To build a heating oil company from the ground up around the Internet to create tremendous savings."

The results are changing the heating oil industry. is a true clicks and bricks company. involves volume purchasing for oil at the refinery level, terminal storage, comprehensive coordination of an extensive trucking fleet, and around the clock dispatching of service repairman. But you may not notice. What you see is substantial savings.

ClickableOil creates real savings:

As a customer you receive the same No. 2 heating oil as your neighbor. The oil is even delivered in a truck just like your neighbor's delivery. But you can save about $400 a year, just by ordering over the Internet. (Based on average homeowner usage of 1,500 gallons annually).

ClickableOil springs from experience:

" is built around the Internet, but at the end of the day, it's about getting barges to terminals and tanker trucks to homeowners," says CEO Nick Cirillo. "We have the experience to do just that." was founded by seasoned veterans with over 50 years combined experience in the traditional home heating oil business. launched October 12th, 2000.

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